New York Times

From brand building, to product introductions, to direct marketing, working on The New York Times has enabled me to participate in the revolution taking place in the world of media. In a few short years, The Times has gone from zero to 6 million paid subscribers for their digital product, while launching a redesigned news site and introducing new apps to expand their audience.





The Nature Conservancy

Since 1951, The Nature Conservancy had been on a mission to protect vital lands and waters on which all life depends. Recently, their work to create public-private partnerships has resulted in their biggest project yet: a conservation effort spanning 3 states and 253,000 acres of vital Appalachian forest. Working with Eric Steinhauser, it was our job to let the world know.

ABC Carpet & Home

In the face of online retail and discount furniture stores, ABC continues to be a mainstay of the New York shopping experience. When they decided to reorganize their Broadway locations into a single store, we touted their sale with a series of messages that emphasized the magic in the merchandise.

Academy Museum

When Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are on your board, and Renzo Piano designs your building, your communications need to be just as impressive as your organization. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures promises to be the world’s premiere institution dedicated to the movies.


NYT Cooking

A growing audience of chefs (and those who wish to be) have turned to the Times’s Cooking site since it launched in 2014. To generate revenue from the offering, The Times is now offering the site as a stand-alone subscription.


Visual Experiments

Working with designers and illustrators has given me a deep appreciation for the visual arts. Ever curious, I have tried my hand at expressing myself without words, with varying degrees of success.



“Elvis 2025”

“Four Orbs”

“Don’t Get Hooked”

“Happiness Lives”

““Mrs. Danforth””


“King Larry”

“Porch Smoker”

“Redding Monk Design”

Books &…

Looking for something to read? Or wear? We’re happy to oblige with the following books and merchandise. (All complimentary for clients of NWI, we might add.)

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Whether it’s checking our phones, working at repetitive tasks, binge-watching television, or wearing shoes, a majority of our time is tethered to social constructs that have become calcified over time. Estimates now place 89% of our brain function as habitual reactions to circumstance. The SuperOptimist Guide to Unconventional Living offers 105 wisdom transmissions to free the mind and revive the spirit through natural means. An eclectic assortment of experiments, activities and meditations, here you’ll find unique ways to disengage from the commonplace and refresh your neural pathways. By adopting a daily program of “positive self-provocation,” you’ll easily sidestep the status quo — with positivity, humor and spirit intact.






Modern Love

One of the most popular columns in The Times is “Modern Love,” featuring essays about the pursuit of romance, affection, sex, and unions. Its success have spurred a top-rated podcast and live performance series, among other things.



Men’s Style

To take advantage of its fashion credentials with the male species, The New York Times launched a special “Men’s Style” section which appears online and in the paper on a monthly basis.









Bass Ale

A striking departure in tone, but not message, for this venerable British ale. The print, outdoor, and viral effort was designed to refresh the memories of lapsed users who’d been swayed by the latest microbrews, while encouraging trail among beer enthusiasts just entering the premium category.