HSBC prides itself on understanding the points of difference between cultures and customs around the world. By looking past “banking” to understand the needs of the individuals behind it, HSBC is uniquely qualified to tailor their services to different countries, cities, even neighborhoods.




To reposition the Lincoln brand in a crowded field of upscale automobiles, we created a theme that resonated for an audience that considers substance the true measure of status.




To relaunch Bloomberg’s fleet of media properties under the umbrella of “Bloomberg Business,” I worked with the Bloomberg Creative Agency to create the campaign “Business is.” Geared towards the leaders of the new economy, we sought to turn the focus away from the financial and towards the entrepreneurial, stories that constitute a higher percentage of Bloomberg’s coverage today.






Harvard University

To encourage alumni to dig deeper for Harvard’s University’s expansion plans, a black tie event was held, complete with a multimedia presentation. A 3D stadium projection coupled with live performances told the story of the country’s most oldest (and arguably most respected) university. I worked with The Propeller Group to fashion the story, while the final production literally involved a cast of thousands. (Okay, hundreds.)
In addition, I was tasked with helping craft the messaging for a series of brochures highlighting the various colleges at Harvard as they seeks to attract the next wave of brilliant minds.


International New York Times thumbnail

International New York Times

When The International Herald Tribune joined with The New York Times to become The International New York Times, a global campaign was needed to retain the subscribers of the IHT while growing readership for the new entity in countries as diverse as Spain, Germany, India, Israel, and China. Included in the media were banner ads, TV spots, pre-roll video, outdoor, business-to-business, direct response, print, and retail signage. All in the local dialects. Oh, yes, and an elevator installation in airports.