Cole Haan

The job was to create a less provincial, more modern view that didn’t abandon Cole Haan’s sense of quality and attention to detail. Rather than using fashion models, this campaign focused on collectors who comb the world searching for objects of character.

Print and Catalog


Rob Brinson. Photographer. Teacher. Gear Collector. Admires their blend of technology and design. Looks for authenticity in each intricate curve. Also likes the way they photograph. Wears Cole Haan shoes. For much the same reason.


Star Gifford. Acupuncturist. Collector of antique typewriters. Manual, of course. Enjoys finding Pressure points unique to each design. Wears Cole Haan shoes. Because style is key.


Mark Feigenson. Fiction writer. Automobile collector. Specifically, cars with little pedals attached. As well as buses, fire trucks and other modes of transportation. Only the genuine article will suffice. All metal. Nothing plastic. Prefers Cole Haan shoes. Especially when driving.