Musical Theater

Does life still have room for the unexpected in a data-driven world? “A Number of Possible Outcomes” focuses on the plight of one Robert “Bob” Jenkins, a math whiz who manages risk for his consulting firm’s clients. But after one-too-many years toiling as an actuary, he’s come to realize his life no longer adds up. Despite the romantic entreaties of Molly, the office numerologist, he’s unsure what to do to fill his ever-increasing malaise. Meanwhile, his boss is gambling away the company’s payroll, technology is encroaching upon his livelihood, and a new executive VP is brought in to shake up the firm and turn it into a digital cash machine. At his darkest hour, Bob spends a Saturday helping his elderly neighbor get to her mysterious appointment: an audition at the local community theater. Will Bob accept the director’s challenge to step out of his risk-averse routine and take on an understudy’s role? Or will his duplicitous new boss forbid him to participate? The odds are anyone’s guess.